Sunday, September 20, 2009

Death Threats?

I have been writing opinion articles for over two years now. I have learnt to deal with the barrage of criticism that follows many of the articles I write, and I even take time to respond to each and every mail I receive in connection with these pieces.
I have been vaguely threatened before, but I did not take the threats seriously because they were made in the context of angry outbursts and could not therefore be taken further than the utterances.
Two days ago, a dark coloured Toyota RAV4 followed me upto a few meters from my gate, and then turned back, and I would have thought nothing of it had I not noticed yesterday that someone had cut through my perimeter fence while I was away. Apart from cutting a man-sized space through barbed wire, the perpetrator had also cleared through the live fence, and it seemed as though preparations had been made for an attack on my home at an appropriate time.
I am taking this seriously now. I will go this afternoon to the Central Police Station in Eldoret town to report this.
I hope these incidents are not related, and that they are not related to my writing or other work, for I do not intend to change any of that!
So, there!
Lest I be accused of not having spoken when I should have!

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