Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kenya elections: Don't worry about things you cannot change!

People. Once again let me say this.
 The elections are over. There were obvious flaws at all stages of the process, and I think all coalitions will agree with this (the two leading teams have addressed press conferences expressing worries at various points, usually when they sense a disadvantage).

Results are still being released, and legitimate questions have been raised (including by me) about some of the figures; this will obviously need clarification).

For the Kenyan voter, this thing is now out of your hands. No matter how much you huff or puff, the IEBC will do what they will. I advise my clients (not that any of you is one!) not to waste time worrying about things they cannot change. Worry only about that which you can change, and then change it as soon as you can in order to stop worrying about it.

For the politicians, I feel your pain if you are on the losing side, especially if you consider the loss unfair. Please do the following:

1. Meticulously collect evidence of electoral malpractice and store it safely. Consult with electoral law experts, if you must.

2. As soon as the IEBC announces the final result, lodge your complaint in the appropriate court (The Supreme Court in the case of the Presidential election).

3. Argue your case as convincingly as possible before the courts. Since, obviously, the evidence you have is incontrovertible, it should be very easy to persuade the courts to nullify the election and order a fresh one.

4. Don't bother with popular sentiment. Your supporters still support you, and if they are in the majority, they will obviously vote for you again. Those that do not support you will not change their opinion just because you are being treated unfairly. Don't waste valuable resources on them!

Finally, for the IEBC, why are you taking so long to call this thing? History will judge you harshly if you continue to play around indecisively with results that you already hold!

And stop telling Kenyans to maintain peace! That is the default position here. Nobody has expressed any intention of causing violence (except of course the outlawed gangs that the security forces are already aware of!)

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